BYTE presents the positive and negative impacts of Big Data across sectors in Dublin

BYTE panel


The BYTE project is exploring scientific and industrial organizations in Europe to gain a greater understanding of the positive and negative externalities associated with Big Data. In our last workshop at the NDRC in Dublin, the results of this research were presented, including:
– A series of case studies and focus groups on Big Data in various sectors such as environment, commerce, smart cities, culture, energy, healthcare, and transport
– Horizontal analysis to identify the positive and negative impacts, practices, barriers or outcomes of Big Data projects that are shared across different case study sectors
– Evaluation of societal impacts as evidenced within the different disciplines using the case studies and the horizontal analysis as a backdrop

The slides of the presentations are available here:

– Big data societal externalitites. Results from the BYTE case studies (Guillermo Vega-Gorgojo)

– Big Data in a Digital City. Key Insights from the Smart City Case Study (Sonja Zillner)

-Horizontal analysis of societal externalities (Hans Lammerant)

– Addressing economic externalities (Guillermo Vega-Gorgojo)

– Addressing non economical externalities (Hans Lammerant)