Stakeholders discuss how to address positive and negative impacts of big data in the research roadmapping workshop

One of the primary goals of the BYTE project is to devise a research and
policy roadmap that provides incremental steps necessary to achieve the
BYTE vision and guidelines to assist industry and scientists to address
externalities in order to improve innovation and competitiveness.

The research roadmap focuses on what research, knowledge, technologies
or skills are necessary in order to capture the economic and social
benefits associated with the use of big data. It considers the positive
and negative externalities and social impacts associated with big data,
previously identified and analysed in the BYTE project.

Another important aim of the present roadmap is to lead to action and
collaboration among the BYTE Big Data Community members, who should
adopt and update the roadmap after completion of the BYTE project.

In our last workshop, collocated with the European Data Forum 2016 in
Eindhoven, more than 30 participants discussed, validated and
prioritised research topics to capture the positive societal impacts of
big data and diminish the negative ones. The workshop also witnessed the
foundation and launch of the BYTE Big Data Community.

The next roadmapping workshop will focus on the policy aspects, and will
take place again in Eindhoven in September. It will be followed by the
first BYTE Big Data Community workshop, co-located with the BDVA Summit
in Valencia, Spain, next November. You are warmly invited!