BYTE publications

Throughout the project, as BYTE partners participate in conferences and publish their findings, please see below for a list of selected publications and presentations.


  • Forthcoming 2016: Stephane Frénot and  Stefane Grumbach (INRIA) “Chasing data in the Intermediation Era: Economy and Security at stakes” in IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine.
  • 11 March 2016: Guillermo Vega-Gorgojo and Arild Waaler (UIO) et al. “PepeSearch: Semantic Data for the Masses” in PLOS One. Full paper available here.
  • 22 July 2015: Stephane Grumbach (INRIA), wrote a blog post for ODBMS Expert blog titled “Big Data and Agriculture, From bytes to crops and conversely”. The blog post can be found here.
  • 7 July 2015: Anna Fensel, Elias Kärle, Ioan Toma (UIBK), “TourPack: Packaging and Disseminating Touristic Services with Linked Data and Semantics”.  Submitted and presented at  1st International Workshop on Semantic Technologies (IWOST) in Changchun.  A copy of the paper can be found here.
  • 7 July 2015:  Nelia Lasierra et al. “BYTE – Big data roadmap and cross disciplinarY community for addressing socieTal Externalities” Submitted and presented at ESWC 2015 – EU projects Networking event, Brussels.  A copy of the paper can be found here.
  • 29 June – 3 July 2015: Sertac Oruc,  Scott Cunningham and Bert van Dorp (TU Delft) with Cristopher Davies (University of Groningen), “Technology progress in battery technologies: Dealing with incomplete data”.  Submitted to and presented at  at  ISSI 2015 in Istanbul. A copy of the paper can be found here.
  • 24-27 May 2015: Rachel Finn, Hayley Watson and Kush Wadhwa (TRI) “Exploring big ‘crisis’ data in action: potential positive and negative externalities.  Submitted to and presented at the ISCRAM 2015 conference in Kristiansand.  A copy of the paper can be found here.
  • 26 March 2015: Anna Donovan (TRI), wrote a blog post for OpenGLAM titled “BYTE into open cultural data”. The blog post can be found here.
  • 22 October 2014: Finn, Rachel, L., and Kush Wadhwa (TRI), “Consultation feedback Submitted by Trilateral Research & Consulting On the Information Commissioner’s Office document Big data and data protection”. A copy of the submission can be found here.
  • 1 August 2014: Siemens publicised their participation in the BYTE project in their press release “Big Data, Smart Data – A Business With Trust”. The press release can be found  here.
  • 7 June 2014: Stéphane Grumbach (INRIA) wrote an article for ERCIM News titled “Intermediation Platforms, an Economic Revolution” that relates to the BYTE Project. The article can be found here.


  • 23 October 2015: Lorenzo Bigagli (CNR-IIA), presented  “Open Data – Perspectives from the RECODE and BYTE projects”, at the JPI Climate Symposium in Vienna, The presentation slides can be found here.
  • 15-19 September 2015: Rachel Finn (TRI), presented “Big Data Externalities – the BYTE Case Studies”, at The SEMANTICS 2015 Conference: European Economy Data Workshop – Focus on Data Value Chain and Big and Open Data in Vienna .  The presentation slides can be found here.
  • 1 July 2015: Anna Donovan (TRI), presented “Big data and social Media Mining in Crisis and Emergency Management” at Open Source Intelligence Dissemination Conference in Rome.  The presentation slides can be found here.
  • 17-19 June 2015: Anna Donovan (TRI), presented “Big Data Socio-Economic Externalities – the BYTE Case Studies” at the BDVA Summit in Madrid.  The presentation slides can be found here.
  • 22 January 2015: The BYTE big data breakfast was a high-profile event organised at the annual Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference in Brussels. For further information.  The Big Data Breakfast Summary Report can be found here.
  • 27 October 2014: Waaler, Arild, and Guillermo Vega-Gorgojo (UIO), presented “Big data opportunities and social concerns”, at the Abella Workshop – Er Norge forberedt på Big Data?, in Oslo. The presentation slides can be found here.
  • 30 September 2014: Ed Curry (DERI) introduced the BYTE Community at the Big Data Public Private Forum Project final event workshop in Heidelberg. The presentation slides can be found here.
  • 19-20 March 2014: BYTE project co-ordinator, Kush Wadhwa (TRI) presented at the European Data Forum in Athens. A copy of the presentation slides can be found here.
  • 15-16 November 2013:Rachel Finn (TRI) presented at the Critical Explorations of Data and Security Workshop that was held at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA. The paper, which was co-authored by other members of the BYTE team, including Hayley Watson, Kush Wadhwa, Arild Waaler, Ahmet Soylu, Guillermo Vega-Gorgojo, Hans Lammerant, Stephane Grumbach and Scott Cunningham, was titled “Methodologies for addressing risks and opportunities engendered by big data: The BYTE project”. The presentation slides can be found here.