BYTE activities at the Privacy Camp and CPDP 2017

BYTE continues to build its Big Data Community and organises a panel at the Privacy Camp 2017 on how civil society can engage in the policy debates on Big Data. BYTE will present its research results on the societal externalities of big data and discuss with representatives from NGOs and the EDPS how these can be addressed. Speakers will be Christian D’Cunha (EDPS), Diego Naranjo (EDRi), Estelle Massé (AccessNow) and Hans Lammerant (VUB and BYTE).

Privacy Camp is an annual civil society meeting held the day before the start of CPDP, a leading conference on data protection and privacy in Brussels. The event brings together digital rights advocates, members of NGOs, civil rights groups as well as academics and policy-makers from all around Europe and beyond to discuss the most pressing issues facing human rights online. The Privacy Camp 2017 takes place on 24th January 2017. More information and programme can be found on the Privacy Camp website.

BYTE will also be present on CPDP and participates on 27th January in a panel organised by the FutureTDM project on the impact of data protection regulation for the uptake of advanced data analysis technologies like text and data mining. A taster for this debate can be found in the blog text BYTE published on the FutureTDM-website.


The Big Data Roadmap Workshop

On September 19th-20th, the Byte project held a session at Global Forum in Eindhoven. Participants took part in BYTE’s central production: the Big Data Roadmap. This workshop focused on a policy roadmap and followed the previous workshop on a research roadmap collocated with the European Data Forum 2016 in Eindhoven.

During the workshop, participants were part of a role-playing game to prioritize the roadmap’s items and help us to adjust our findings. Participants helped to foster the positive effects of big data and minimize their negative externalities.

The policy roadmap workshop will be followed by the first BYTE Big Data Community workshop, co-located with the BDVA Summit in Valencia, Spain, next November. We hope to see you there!