BYTE will contribute to the formulation of a strategy that defines the research efforts and policy necessary for the realisation of the big data economy through a consideration of the positive and negative societal externalities associated with big data. Positive and negative externalities refer to the effects of a decision by stakeholders such as industry, scientists, policy-makers and other decision-makers that have an impact on a third party (especially members of the public). It will thus aid European stakeholders in making better technology adoption and support actions that amplify positive externalities (e.g., new products and services, efficiencies, economic competitiveness etc.) associated with big data, while diminishing negative externalities (e.g., privacy infringements, legal barriers, etc.). As such, the BYTE project has three main objectives:

  1. To produce a research and policy roadmap and recommendations to support European stakeholders in increasing their share of the big data market by 2020 and in capturing and addressing the positive and negative societal externalities associated with use of big data.
  2. To involve all of the European actors relevant to big data in order to identify concrete current and emerging problems to be addressed in the BYTE roadmap. The stakeholder engagement activities will lead to the creation of the big data community, a sustainable platform from which to measure progress in meeting the challenges posed by societal externalities and identify new and emerging challenges.
  3. To disseminate the BYTE findings, recommendations and the existence of the BYTE big data community to a larger population of stakeholders in order to encourage them to implement the BYTE guidelines and participate in the big data community.