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Data storage. Laptop and file cabinet with ring binders.The BYTE project consists of the following work plan, which will involve producing the following deliverables. Upon completion of the relevant work, copies of deliverables will be available here.  All BYTE Deliverables are also available on Zenodo. To stay up-to-date with the project, please subscribe to our mailing list.



WP1: Setting the stage on big data

WP1: Setting the stage on big data aims to map the current context in which big data is being utilised, to review policies and initiatives relevant to big data in the public and private sector and, to understand the technological and infrastructural tools relevant to big data.

WP2: Elements of societal impact

WP2: Elements of societal impact aims to understand the economic, legal, social, ethical and political issues relevant to big data currently and in the future. The WP also aims to gauge public sentiment around big data based on current information practices, and to understand the relationship between big data and open access to data.

WP3: Case studies in positive and negative externalities

WP3: Case studies in positive and negative externalities Case studies in positive and negative externalities aims to outline a methodology for undertaking case studies in big data. Following which it partners will undertake a series of case studies on big data in different sectors involving interviews with case study representatives to identify the positive and negative externalities evident within these case studies.

WP4: Evaluating and addressing positive and negative externalities

WP4: Evaluating and addressing positive and negative externalities aims to undertake a horizontal analysis of case studies to identify positive and negative externalities that can be traced across contexts to determine the extent to which negative externalities can be diminished and positive externalities can be amplified.

WP5: Foresight analysis

WP5: Foresight analysis aims to use foresight tools to develop a series of sector-specific visions for big data five years in the future (2020). Partners will also develop a general vision for big data five years in the future (2020) and will identify and understand any positive or negative externalities introduced by the vision. Lastly, this WP will involve gaining stakeholder consensus on the BYTE vision.

WP6: Roadmapping

WP6: Roadmapping aims to design a research and policy roadmap for big data that accounts for the social impact, positive externalities and negative externalities associated with big data. Partners will also seek to gain stakeholder consensus on the BYTE roadmap via a workshop.

WP7: The big data community

WP7: The big data community aims to design and form the big data community, including drafting founding texts. Partners will prepare a BYTE project final report, including a series of guidelines supported by community members. Finally, partners will ensure they input BYTE findings and guidelines into relevant networks.

WP8: Stakeholder engagement

WP8: Stakeholder engagement involves partners creating a stakeholder taxonomy that maps relevant stakeholders within the big data ecosystem. This work package also entails partners creating a stakeholder contact list and liaison activities with the advisory board and further, continual building of BYTE project contacts.

WP9: Dissemination

WP9: Dissemination aims to identify and reach European stakeholders in order to raise awareness regarding the findings of the consortium and to encourage them to support recommendations.

WP10: Project management

WP10: Project management ensures the continuous and smooth progress of the project throughout its lifetime.